Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm an Immigrant.? Just like in the movies.

Sorry for not posting in a long time.  I just got out of the habit.  Not to mention my laptop died this summer so we are down to one computer.  One computer, two engineers. Let's just say it's a battle for the computer on the weekends.

To give you a bit of an update, I am taking another German class. This is government subsidized class for immigrants to Germany.  Yes, apparently I am an immigrant.  I've never thought of myself as one.  Probably because David and I are only here until he finished with his Doctorate.  Anyway, today during class a woman came in and advertised for a free program that helps immigrants adjust to their new lives. The flier said that the program was for people 27 and over, people who have families, or people who are under 27 with adult problems.  Are people under 27 still children? The pamphlet defined adult problems as: problems with landlords, visas, finding school for your children, etc.   I politely declined the pamphlet because I obviously do not fall under any of these catergories.  I digress....

In my new class I have also meet another American woman who is married to a German man.  She is very nice.  She sits on the other side of the room from me.  Today we were talking about vaccine politics and some of the differences between the American and German approaches to health care.  Initially several of our classmates were still in the room when we were talking, so we spoke German so as not to be rude.  After some of our classmates left we switched to English.   We were still talking when the other students and teacher came back from the 30 minute break.  As the noise in the classroom got louder, I heard another discussion starting up.  I quickly realized that we were the subject of the discussion. Our classmates and teacher were saying that my friend and I were talking just like people do in the movies or on TV. 
So clearly and easy to understand.  It was pretty funny.  At least my English sounds good when I speak in Germany, because my German still comes out kind of rough.  Sigh.