Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My hands are purple!?!

I've finally moved into my new apartment and have so time for a brief blog.

My husband LOVES red cabbage. He loves it so much that he decided to buy two of them for us and 3 for his parents. (Yes, my mother-in-law thought it was a bit much too.) Don't get me wrong here, I like red cabbage. However, two red cabbages is the equivalent of 4 pots of cooked red cabbage. This means lots of work for me. I love to cook so normally this wouldn't be a problem, but there was a tiny flaw this time....I just moved to a new country and don't quite have the equipment to cook red cabbage. So here is how it all went down:

I stare a the cabbage and like any good engineer, I assess the problem.

I attempt to cut the cabbage in half. However, I have a 2 in knife that is pretty dull as my only sharp kitchen tool.

I fail miserably.

I take a deep breathe, regroup and I decide instead to use the grater. I soon find the 3 kg cabbage a bit too heavy and too large to manage with a grater.

I put the cabbage on the cutting board and take the dull knife and start to manually shred the cabbage.

I find this method to be slow, but it gets the job done so I continue.

About a tenth of the way into shredding the cabbage, my father-in-law comes in and observes the madness.

Ralf: I'm no expert in the kitchen, but usually doesn't one use a long knife to cut such a vegetable.

Me: Usually I do, but this is all I have.

Ralf: Oh dear!

30 minutes later....

The cabbage is shredded and in cooking in the pot.

I survey my work space, and to my horror everything is a lovely shade of bluish-purple--- INCLUDING MY HANDS!!!

Sigh...the things we do for those we love.


  1. I <3 this post.

    "I stare at the cabbage and like any good engineer, I assess the problem."
    This must be why I'm generally so miserable at problem-solving; I'm not an engineer. Rather than assessing the problem, my reaction to a large red cabbage would be: cabbage--->rabbit--->Brer Rabbit--->Chaucer--->Troilus & Criseyde--->Shakespeare's Troilus & Cressida.
    At which point, I'd wander off to my room to read some Shakespeare, leaving the cabbage to solve its own problems. ;-)

    Methinks Robyn would have appreciated the purple hands.

  2. "Sigh...the things we do for those we love."

    We do, and you do them in a foreign country.

    Kristy -- you crack me up.

    Robyn would totally love the purple hands.

    BTW: I no likey chopping cabbage EVAH.

  3. Haha, I like that I'm now known as the one who likes anything to do with the color purple. Am I really that predictable?
    At least you had some help chopping cabbage in the end!

    (Between you and me, I did the like the purple hands thing.)

  4. *ahem*
    I would like to point out here that I mentioned a book from the 14th century and one from the 16th century. See? I don't just read 19th century books.