Sunday, May 23, 2010


My apologizes, I've been too busy/lazy to post.  I am going to get back in the habit of blogging.  Thanks to all my commentators for not forgetting about me.  :) 

Actual content coming soon...


  1. Amy, I once lived in Germany with my military spouse in Kaiserslautern, AND, I am friends with your Harriett. We taught together many years.

    I am enjoying following your blog as it reminds me of my first impressions of the country, which, by the way, sound very much like things were when I was there in the 1980s :) BTW, my Army son and his family lived in Stuttgart for a couple of years too--yr 2000.
    We lived in military housing, but we loved going to the city and the Saturday market and we especially loved the Christmas holiday markets.
    Your travels are essential to getting the big picture and experiencing all the varieties of cities. I loved visiting Nurnberg, all of Bavaria and going over the border into France.
    While we were there a significant anniversary of Martin Luther occurred and we took a tour of the cities he is associated with--Worms, Nurnberg and so on.
    So, keep on blogging, and keep on traveling!

  2. @ Celia : I am so glad you enjoying my blog! I checked out Kaiserlautern on the map, it is quite close to Karlsruhe (the town where I am living). I love this region. There is so many diverse things to do in a small area. My husband's family is from the area, so we have done quite a bit over travel to many small towns in the region. I also studied abroad in Metz, France, which is a town on the French side. It is really interesting for me to compare my current experiences in Germany to those in France. Especially considering that both towns are in the Alsace region.

    Glad to have you following my journey!

  3. Metz--been there to lovely meals as I recall...Isn't it fun to be so close to several countries? I marvelled at that...make sure you visit Luxembourg City and Nancy(France)too.