Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Changes

I've had a bad case of Bloggers Block.

Originally, I had intended for this blog to primarily be about my life in Germany and the observations I made as an American.

Long story short, I am not very productive when I try to stay within a theme.  I felt like i was limited myself. So now I'm going to start including some new topics such as cooking, gardening (I'm growing plants now), being ecofriendly, traveling, etc.  I've done a lot in my short 25 years and I feel like the blog is the perfect place to share.

So look forward to yummy recipes, vacation photos from my many travels, lazy dog photos, a little bit of German, and much more.

I'd love to have the opinions of my 11 followers and 3+ lurkers.

What are you interested in reading about?


  1. All of the above.

  2. I'm interested in how you do it.

    Live in Germany.
    Work in Germany.
    Shop in Germany.
    Walk the dogs in Germany.

    Ditto, Sally.