Friday, July 9, 2010

Octopus Paul predicts the outcome of all Germany World Cup games

Here in Germany, Octopus Paul is a wanted sea creature.  Since predicting the the downfall of Germany to Spain in Wednesday's World Cup Semi-Final match, this poor octopus is wanted for dead by many avid Germany soccer fans that are angry about the outcome of the game.  Spain has offered asylum to the poor creature in a Spanish zoo.  I  for one, am wondering why on earth anyone actually cares about an octopus that is just lucky when it comes to predicting the outcome of soccer matches. Why did someone as the octopus to begin with? Who thought of that?  Read the article here for more info.  Now, i turn the keyboard over to my husband for his thoughts on the the whole ordeal:



  1. German people are weird. Just kidding! I saw an article about this yesterday and thought it was very interesting, and a little strange. But, it's not any more strange than when we use groundhogs to predict our weather patterns. :)

  2. I just can't imagine eating that fried, and I'm from the South. We fry everything.