Thursday, February 18, 2010


As of now, David and I have little to no decoration in our apartment. We are still working on acquiring furniture. Furniture trumps art any day. Just how it is.

In lieu of an art to hang on the walls, I have decided to buy flowers ever week to help make the house fell less sterile. It works pretty well. I'm planning to buy some green plants too, but haven't seen a lot of good options in the garden section of my local home improvement store yet.

Up until now I've had good luck with my flower choices. I mostly buy roses because they are inexpensive (2 euros!), come in a variety of colors, and seem to last a decent amount of time. They are also one of two flower options I typically have and usually the roses look better.

I've been experimenting with various flower colors to see which ones keep the best. So far I have tried red, red-orange, and yellow. Yellow is buy far the worst. The second the flowers start to fade and turn brown, you end up with awful yellowish brown mess in the vase. It's not a cheerful thing at all. The red seemed to stay fresh looking for the longest period of time.

Anyone have an suggestions on flowers that keep really well?

Update:  Bought new flowers today.  Purple tulips.  Let's see how long these last. 


  1. I've found that Alstroemeria flowers generally keep a good while - over a week usually. Most of the flowers I've given you have been Alstroemeria. :-)

  2. Daisies usually last a good week and a half or so. At least, they don't die in less than a week, but roses do usually last the longest. When you get some plants, you might want to try getting a lily in a pot. They're green all year long and have a lovely flower in the spring time. :)

  3. Daisies are the best in my book!

  4. Hey. I posted a comment in here yesterday.

    I told you to go green -- as in green plants -- ficus, philodendron, and potatoes.

    Man. Did you delete me, niece?