Monday, August 13, 2012


113 - days until my due date

91 - the temperature forcasted for Wednesday.  I pray it does not get this hot.  I am over warm weather.

50 - the approximate number of minutes that I am on my bike everyday

32 - days until I fly home

35 - grams of protein in my lunch today

22 - (maybe even just 19) more days of work until vacation!

16 - weeks left until this baby comes

10- hours of pretnatal classes left

7 - the approximate number of projects I plan to work on with my mom while I am in the states

6 - cloth diapers purchased for the little one

4.5 - hours left of my workday

 4 - the number of articles of clothing I have purchased for the little one
 4 - pounds. My father has lost this many more pounds than I have gained during my pregnancy. (We are having a competition.)  Go dad!

3 - appointments (OBGYN, vet, dentist)  to go to before we return to the states

1 - the number of items we currently have that we can use for that baby in the first month. 

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