Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Type A and other ramblings

Confession...I am slightly Type A....OK, OK completely Type A.  I thrive on routine and controlling that routine.  So having baby...that makes me really nervous because my comfortable routine is about to get tossed in favor of my child's "routine", wants, and desires. I am okay with that...really, I am.  So far, pregnancy has done a good job of shaking up my comfort level.

I like to prepare for things in advance, (despite loving to procrasinate with school work), I do like to have things ready on time.  Problem, babies come on there own time.  Based on family history amoung my husband, myself, our siblings, and our neice....I am planning on our child making his/her appearance sometime between October 30 and December 14.  Here is my reasoning:

Me: 2 weeks late
Brother 1: 3 weeks late
Brother 2: punctual....he arrived via planned c-section
David: 2 weeks early...and about 8.5 pounds (pray for me if this baby ends up being late)
Sister-in-law: Super early...something like 5 weeks... (David said 8 weeks, but that doesn't seems right)
Niece(daughter of sister-in-law): 10 days past her due date
Brothers-in-law: both 3 weeks early

So yeah, I have to be prepared for anything.  I am also trying to keep my mind open to the fact that this baby is currently breech and might not turn.  I know I still have three months left, but this child is seems continent. I am trying to make peace with this.  I know that 95% of babies turn into the correct posiition, that still does not keep me from worring.  I also was not happy to learn last night that if the baby is breech, many hospitals (or at least the one I am planning to give birth at) encourage normal birthing for a breech baby. The US...standard practice is to have a c-section.  From what I gather,  there are many complications that can arise from a breech birth.  I am trying to make peace with this.  I have zero expectations for the birth. Drug free, epidural, is all okay with me. A healthy baby is the ultimate goal.

I made pumpkin soup for the first time on Sunday. I took one bite and the baby went crazy.  I made a large pot and have continued to eat it with dinner for the past couple of nights. Little one goes crazy everytime...always within one minute of me taking my first bite.Other people I know, describe their baby's constant movements to be like kicks, jabs, rolling, flipping.  Yeah, I feel confident in saying that my child does not seem to do that. Don't misunderstand that the baby does not move. She/he does plently of that. However, it is all very gentle.  The "kicks" fell like something is swimming inside me. The baby also likes to bounce in the evenings (or maybe the baby gets hiccups?).  I can usually see some serious head movement going on from the outside around 8/9 pm at night. Quite enterting. Everytime we see the baby on the ultrasound he/she is quite still...sneaky baby. :) Cute baby, but sneaky.

Baby at 16 weeks. This is the best photo I have since the baby has been a bit camera shy during our last two doctors appointments.

I finally decided on a color scheme/theme for the nursery...brown/gray/green/beige. I also like the idea of adding in foresty elements like tree limbs and other random animals. Last weekend we went window shopping for baby furniture so that we would have a back up plan for the crib and changing table we would want in case the little arrives before we can find a good deal on furniture on Ebay (another post for another day). I am thinking about putting up some kind of artwork on the wall using branches....sort of like the picture below.

Lastly, check out the progression of the bump...these were taken at 10 weeks, 16 weeks, and 24 weeks. Sorry not to post a more updated photo, my photos for 25 and 26 weeks were not ones that i care to share on the world wide web. The quality is not the best, but considering all photos were taken, cropped, spliced, and filtered with my Android....

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  1. Yay! A bump pic! Super cute. I totally know what you mean about worrying about the baby being breach. Our little one was until this past Monday and he/she had finally turned. Hopefully it will stay that way these last 7 weeks! Can't wait for Baby Koch to arrive :)