Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Christmas Carol

Today, David and I were discussing movies and the subject of "A Christmas Carol" came up. We were trying to decide on a movie to go see. My German isn't good enough yet to follow a film, so our options are a bit limited. We were trying to decide between "Inglourious Basterds," the new Twilight movie, and the latest Woody Allen movie. I should mention here that three movies in English is a VERY good selection. Throughout all of October and November, the only English movie in town was the Michael Jackson movie - and we were NOT going to see that.

In a bit of a bold move, I suggested that we go see the latest movie version of a Christmas Carol, because any American could follow that movie in any language. As a child I must have seen the play live at least 5 times. Every Christmas, my brother and I watch the Muppet version as a bit of a fun tradition.

Upon mentioning "A Christmas Carol," David suggested the we should go see it. - I thought he was kidding.

Apparently, in one of the nearby towns, there is a one man show of "A Christmas Carol." In English. David has even seen it 3-4 time there. The guy who puts on the show is a British guy. David said that the show would be in English, which surprised me.

Here is a bit of our conversation (with some embellishment).

David: The show is in English.

Me: Really? They don't translate it.

David: Nah, the guy is British. Why would they?

Me: Well it's not like it's hard to translate. It's just Charles Dickens.

David: Who?

Me: The author of the play! ....(awkward pause)....Nevermind....

David: It sells out every year.

Me: Wow.

So now, David an I are planning to go see the one man version of "A Christmas Carol" in one of the best preserved medieval town in Germany. This should be interesting....

To be continued....


  1. Haha, sounds very interesting. You'll have to let us know how it was.

    And when I come visit you, I want to go to this town. (I think my little historian heart would be overjoyed at one of the best preserved medieval towns in Germany.)

  2. Well, Amy, at least David knew the man was British! Anxious to hear how you enjoyed the play.

  3. Uh. Christmas Carol is not a play.
    Just sayin'.

    It's good in any language. You're right about being able to follow it.