Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin recipe #346327827

I know, pumpkin recipes are EVERYWHERE this time of year in the US.  Germany is no exception.  Pumpkin soup ( a German fall staple) can  be found in restaurants throughout Deutschland this time of year.  Farmers market and grocery stores alike are filled with endless varieties of this seasonal star.

I hosted a party the other weekend and was planning to make these (with pumpkin as a substitute for sweet potatoes. Unfortunatly,  i ran out of time and didn't end up making thes delicious rolls.  However, I had already prepped the pumpkin.  Long story short,  I had pureed pumpkin sitting in my fridge that needed a recipe.  

Monday night I was reading throught my google reading and was hit with the perfect recipe: Pumpkin, Millet, and Chocolate Muffins  via Joy the Baker.  Problem solved.  I sent hubby to the store for ingredients (just chocolate, I had the rest on hand) with the promise of piping hot pumpkin, chocolate chip muffins.  I didn't mention the millet because he would  just scowl and whine.  Millet in muffins is delicious.  I know. My mom used to make millet muffins.  Yummy.  Actually, muffins are one of the only way I find millet to be pallatable.  Plain millet...gross.  Just saying....  Anyway....  I made these muffins using my new measure cups.

            (Left: My old measuring cup,  Right: my new measuring cups. A gift from a wonderful friend. :))

The delicious result.  This particular muffin was enjoyed as I typed up this blogpost.

Make these.  Super delicious and somewhat healthy. Hubby agrees, too!

Sorry for the bad blackberry photos.  My phone needs yesterday.

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  1. Um, yum! I think I need to try these with the pumpkin I currently have in the fridge!